Thursday, 11 March 2010

First year works- 2nd semester- Cowboys

The short animation I made on my second semester of the first year of animation course

concept art- character desing:

This is the first interesting idea I got for the characters, which still needed work to make characters more appealing and easier to animate, but gave me some starting point for visual development:

some rough sketches, looking for interesting visuals and personality:

the last sketch on this page was the one I used in the final animation:

some sketches to get to know the character before animating him:

These are some sketches of the other cowboy, his design almost didn't change since I got the main idea, I just made him shorter and less lanky, and more crazy and dynamic:

Rough sketch of the town; I altered the houses slightly in the actual animation, but these helped me to get the picture of the town in general:

final animation:

I must admit I'm not very pleased with the final product, but there are still parts of it I really like, like the animation of shorter cowboy in the last scene, or the tumbleweed with the University's logo in it.

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