Thursday, 11 March 2010

Caricaturing exercise- character design

first picture is the first set of rough ideas I sketched to help me get a clearer picture of what kind of design I should look for

second page also contains some random characters I sketched searching for some appealing types, but here I finally managed to come up with a type of character I found interesting; I tried to keep some of the more interesting features found in the original real-life model, but I also wanted to keep the 3D volumes and shapes as simple as possible to make the character easy to animate; I think this design is quite successful in combining those two basic characteristics

third page is just few more sketches I did to get familiar with the character and his form

character's hair in some drawings is reversed; that's because since it's not some elaborate narrative, I decided his hair position can be decided depending on the character's position and camera view in the final animation, to make the perspective and rotating of head easier when animating.

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