Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dialogue- character design

In my sound file there are two characters; I am still working on the design for the old man, the design of the boy might change slightly, too. These are the sketches I've done so far.

First, I was trying to figure out what idea I'm going to use for this piece. I tried to come up with something different than normal human characters, to have something to compare and choose from. I considered portraying the characters as bears, dragons or, well, sheep.

I liked the dragons version the most, but finally I decided that human characters will be the best option, since they won't distract the viewer from the actual dialogue with the unusual setting and unexpected fantasy situation. Below are the sketches I did of the human characters.

The one on the left is the first design of the old man I like and actually, the one I like the most so far; I would love to use it as it is here, but I will have to make sure he won't be too difficult to animate.
In the middle there are first sketches of the kid- I think he can be relatively generic as long as he is cute and has the right proportions for the age his voice indicates, since the main character in the dialogue seems to be the old man and he should get the most of the viewer's attention.
On the right there are just some rough thumbnails of the scene composition and a quick sketch of part of the animation I wanted to note somewhere.

These are just some sketches of the old man's head, to figure out the best shapes and proportions to make him easy and comfortable to animate

This is the last sketch I did for the old man; I still want to work on him a little, though.

This is what could be the final design for the kid:

I found it quite difficult to make the old man look the way I think he should- to reflect his personality and look appealing, and still be relatively easy to animate.

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